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Republic of Cyprus
Finance Directorate
Public Procurement Office

1. The mission of the Public Procurement Office is the implementation of all the procedures required from the time of notice until the completion of a contract in accordance with the provisions of the law in force on Public Procurement and the relevant Regulations issued based on this law.

2. The Public Procurement Office is responsible for:

2.1 the publication of calls for Police tenders and the monitoring of all tender procedures until their completion

2.2 checking whether funds are available before the announcement of any tender

2.3 the notification of the outcome both to the successful and the unsuccessful tenderers

2.4 the preparation of the relevant contracts after the receipt of final approval for the acceptance of a tender

2.5 the monitoring of the contract’s implementation in order to ascertain that the terms of the contract signed are adhered to correctly

2.6 the progress of the work performed by various competent bodies and the briefing of the Director of the Finance Directorate with regards to any problems that might arise, with the aim of solving them

3. Upon the receipt of specifications for obtaining the requested supplies / services / works, the Public Procurement Office undertakes the following actions and generally all actions necessary to implement the procedures according to the relevant Law and Regulations:

3.1 the preparation of tender documents

3.2 the notice of the tender

3.3 Uploading the tender documents on the official website of the Electronic Procurement System of the Treasury (e-procurement)

3.4 receipt and processing of all correspondence relating to tenders and preparation of replies to the economic operators (ADDENDUM)

3.5 opening of the tender box and receipt of tenders submitted

3.6 obtaining approval by the Chief of Police or his authorized representative for the formation of the Evaluation and Receipt Committees

3.7 handing over of tenders that were submitted to the Coordinator of each Evaluation Committee

3.8 receipt, check and submission of the Evaluation Report to the Tender Board, or the Chief of Police or his authorized representative, as appropriate

3.9 monitoring of the procedures and progress of a tender from the time of notice until its completion

3.10 invitation of the Evaluation Committee to attend the discussion of the tender at the Tender Board of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order

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