Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Finance Directorate

EU Funding Office

(1) The EU Funding Office is involved in the monitoring, identification and absorption of funds offered by the European Union or other International Organizations.

(2) The EU Funding Office is responsible for:

(a) Early identification, in-depth analysis as well as objective evaluation of funds or opportunities for funding offered by the European Union or other International Organizations.

(b) Co-relation and connection between funding opportunities and Cyprus Police needs as they are described in the Budget and the objectives set in the Official Police Strategic Plan.

(c) Early identification of Police needs which can be met through funding opportunities.

(d) Implementation of the procedures required for the materialisation of co-financed projects.

(e) Cooperation with other government departments that deal with funding issues.

(f) Establishment of collaboration with potential partners for funding purposes, either within Cyprus or abroad.

(g) Preparation of reports and memos in relation to funded projects.

(h) Briefing of Police Divisions/ Directorates/Departments/Services/Units on the funding opportunities available, so that the relevant applications can be made in co-operation with them.

(i) Preparation, check and submission of grant applications to the EU or other International Organizations.

(j) Guidance and coordination of the Police Divisions/Directorates/Departments Services/Units involved in the implementation of proposed projects for which funding was approved.

(k) Regular monitoring of the progress of the funded projects in cooperation with the Police Division / Directorate / Department / Service / Unit involved.

(l) Participation in conferences held in Cyprus or overseas with regards to funding issues when necessary.

(m) Preparation of quarterly, final, technical or any other reports as well as any expenditure reports depending on the requirements of the organization that provides the funding.

(n) Keeping of accounting records, payments/expenditure records and any other documents related to every funded project.

(o) Close cooperation with the Public Procurement Office for the preparation and publication of calls for tenders for the implementation of approved funded projects.

(p) Acceptance of audits from competent authorities from Cyprus, EU or other international organizations regarding the funded project.

(q) Execution of any other tasks and duties assigned by the Director of the Finance Directorate.

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