Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Finance Directorate

Head Accounting Department

(1) The mission of the Cyprus Police Head Accounting Department is to manage and supervise all accounting operations associated with all money received or paid in relation to Cyprus Police.

(2) The Cyprus Police Head Accounting Department is responsible for the following:

(a) Ensuring Compliance to all Government Financial and Accounting Regulations

(b) Implementing and monitoring protective measures for the safe keeping of public money and receipt forms

(c) Ensuring that the collection of revenue is accurate and timely and that it is brought to account under the proper heads and sub-heads.

(d) Monitors and controls that all payments effected are authorized in accordance with existing Regulations or Instructions and are charged to the appropriate heads and sub-heads.

(e) Monitors and checks that no excess is incurred over and above the approved provision and refers any improper or irregular payment to the Chief of Police.

(f) Planning, coordinating the Police Annual Budget and monitoring its implementation

(g) Prepares and submits applications for the provision of additional funds to the Ministry of Finance

(3) In addition the Cyprus Police Head Accounting Department is responsible for the following :

(a) Processing payroll, allowances and labours

(b) Preparation of pension forms

(c) Records books of accounts and registers required for inspection by the Treasury of the Republic.

(d) other payments

(e) Receipts

(f) other accounts

(4) To execute any other task assigned by the Director of the Finance Directorate

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