Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Finance Directorate

Regional / Local Accounting Offices

(1) A Regional Divisional Accounting Office operates at every Divisional Police HQ/Police Department/Unit/Service/Directorate, to the standards/specification of the Police Head Accounting Department. The Divisional Commander and the Officer in charge of the Accounts Department co-operate with the Director of the Finance Directorate to ensure the implementation of all Financial and Accounting Instructions, as well as any other Laws and Regulations that relate to revenue and expenditure.

(2) The officer in charge and the staff of the Regional/Divisional Accounting Offices are appointed by the local Police Commander who also takes into consideration the views of the Director of the Finance Directorate.

(3) The Director of the Finance Directorate Monitors the activities of the Divisional/Regional Accounting Offices without affecting in any way the authorities and jurisdiction of the Divisional Police Commander or of the Director of the Police Department /Unit/ Service/Directorate.

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