Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police


Aims / Priorities
  • to prevent and reduce traffic accidents, (particularly fatal and serious ones)
  • to prevent and reduce traffic offences (combat the causes of fatal and serious road accidents, speeding)
  • to prevent and combat serious offences against life and property ( robberies,assaults, rapes, burglaries, theft, malicious damage, etc)
  • to prevent and combat violence in sports stadiums
  • to prevent and combat juvenile delinquency
  • to prevent and combat economic crime ( especially online gambling, usury etc)
  • to prevent and combat noise pollution, and the solicitation of customers especially in tourist areas during the summer months.
  • to prevent and combat the scourge of narcotic substances
  • to provide assistance to the public
  • to improve relations between the police and the public so that there is mutual co-operation for the prevention and reduction of crime

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